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#1 Reason why most fail at online marketing

Does Local Search
Engine Marketing Help
Get More Local Customers

Local Search
Do you want your business to rank highly in the search results for your area? Go to Google now and type in your business type and City such as Landscape Designer Tauranga - IS YOUR BUSINESS LISTED THERE? If you are a local business targeting local customers start here.

Search Engine Marketing
Most of the people who find your website for the first time are going to come via a search engine. Getting listed in a SERP (search engine results page) can be achieved with a website that has good SEO for the search terms being looked for, by using a paid advertising option such as Adwords and by using Web 2.0 techniques such as having a blog linking back to your site.

You need to have a clear plan worked out of what you are trying to achieve online. Starting with your website, the information on your site, a call to action and follow up from any interested parties whether this is offline person to person or an online (say email campaign as an example). This needs to be tested and analysed so you know whats happening when someone visits your site.

Easy to find out what's happening
One good thing about using the internet for marketing is that with the right type of analytical software you can find out what's going on. Check out my video's to find what software I use and recommend.

use search marketing

Before you start there are 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending Any More Money From Your Advertising Budget!!!

As a business owner or sales professional in the current market you need to think carefully before spending your advertising dollar.

Q1 -Do You Have The Right Information? You need to make informed decisions and the only way you can do this is by having the right information at your finger tips - There is information on this web site that will help you learn more about online marketing - it's in plain English and will quickly put you in a position where you know more than most local businesses using the internet to find local customers.

Q2 ROI - What's The Likely Return On Investment- You should not start any campaign without a clear understanding of the desired result - NOW there are no guarantees when it comes to advertising but you can at least set up processes so you can measure results to allow you to stop doing activities if there is no return - One strong aspect of online marketing is that with the right tools it is easy to test and measure results so you can then make informed decisions.

Q3 Are You Using Technology To Your Advantage - Stay ahead of your competition by being innovative and using technology to streamline processes. Never has there been a better time to become the dominant local business online in your area before your competition wake up and realise what's happening.

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